The Kiosk seeks the greatest use in its location by creating an element that, when closed, covers the smallest possible footprint and, when the door is folded down, expands its space without exceeding the allowed dimensions, in this way an asymmetric flow is created that intersects the main volume.
 Its planogram allows the designation of specific areas for each product taking into account the sales experience, impulse sales, merchandise security and the storage of copies in stock and / or exhibition. This is possible thanks to a system of racks designed for product presentation as a miscellaneous or convenience store would do, magazines and newspapers are placed following the same system, in this way the spokesperson can detach each rack to accommodate the product as it suits you.
The location of the Kiosk and the proximity to the passer-by raises the possibility of offering users a space to rest, lighting, rain shelter, cell phone charging and a location system through pedestrian and vehicular signage.The Kiosk has different advertising spaces, a shop window in the back and a carport at the top, generating visibility and impact for both passers-by and the vehicle park that passes through the front.
Year: 2018                   
Project: Product Development, México City, México          
Client: IMU / Obiect       
Materials: Metal finished with powder paint.