Parque Hidalgo was created in collaboration with Taller 5, and architectural practice in México. We developed a collection of urban furniture pieces, that matched the image projected by the architects. The collection included three types of benches; one of the options were benches designed for a fluid pathway, and make way for pedestrian traffic. The second one was for the skateboarding area, where we created a multi-functional bench, where one can rest as well as play. The Skato bench has also two added bicycle racks that can store two bicycles securely on each end - allowing both Skaters and Bicyclist to interact with one another. The third proposal was a bench with monolithic characteristics, a modular bench, that depending on how it’s placed it can be used to rest in different ways, and give a different design aesthetic to the park.

We also developed different products for the park, such as trash bins, signaling, bike stations and an area for playing and practicing chess, this came in a form of tables and benches made out of concrete with the chess game inlayed on the table. Designed to bring your own chess and play with anyone that wants a challenge.
Year: 2018                   
Project: Parque Hidalgo, León Gto, México          
Client: Taller 5 / Obiect       
Materials: Concrete, metal and aluminum sand casting finished with powder paint.