Altozano was a project that needed ‘rescuing’ spaces where not used to its best potential, we developed a plan to bring together open spaces, with the design of different modular panels, and pedestrian pathways creating playful and interactive areas.

The design brief for this project, was to look into creating fluid elements of continuity, creating murals by using a geometric look using woven cords, which can also be used for kids to climb, create a sculptural element and be used as a divider.

An important part of the project was the need for green spaces, that would work with the design proposal, and create a connection between the interior and exterior of the project. By developing the project with modular elements, we are able to create different areas used for resting, interacting and ultimately create a good fluid pathway for visitors to roam around the shopping center.
Year: 2019                   
Project: Plaza comercial Altozano, Morelia, México          
Client: Altozano / Obiect       
Materials: Metal finished with powder paint, concrete, woven rope.